Red, red wine, streets and reflections

Hello Friday. Nice day and thank you, the forecast claimed rain but there was mostly sun. Day off, so I went for a long walk with the camera. Weekend work is awaiting unfortunately, but a Friday off with me myself and I and my camera is not bad.

By the way. Here I am now, with a glass of wine. Some Spanish thing with a big 1 on the label. A nice roundup of the day. Not in any way perfect, but good.

It still feels, in photography dimensions speaking, that I’m still practising my skills, or lack of skills. When it comes to street shooting I have a lot of workout to do when it comes to confidence and determination. Happily nothing that worries and worth waiting for meanwhile.

I haven’t found my way how I like it most yet. But since my beginning I think I have found my tendencies of what works best when it comes to more focused street shooting.

I have been walking, a lot, very much. But I don’t think thats really my favourite choice of weapon. Beside just happen to like spontaneous happenings or lucky timing meanwhile walking. I think I like to find a spot and a view and wait best.

So thats something worth explore more how to use. But where are those nice spots. Thats something included in my walks – finding nice places to be, or where not to care about to be.

More or less I think many of my “walkabouts” actually have been more about exploring my environments than searching things to shoot. And I think that my fears related to the nature of street photography probably is more about and an effect of confusing impression overload while walking around, than actual fear.

Well, that’s what I imagine anyway and have become more aware of lately, and think is the major obstacle. So, I gonna try to be more laid back in the future, not walk around so much and begin to wait more – meditate awake while feeling what I see around me.

More discoveries I made today, based on thoughts from yesterdays. Is that I’m probably more drawn towards distance and minimalism than close confrontation with strangers on the streets. Or crowded masses with thousand details. Well thats fun to, but as I feel for the moment, not my prey.

And. I feel a need to get back more into my experimental and playful side of photography. Shooting whatever and how I feel to because I can. I have felt a bad tendency to become a little to seriously in my mission, and I don’t like that. Probably a dangerous drawback of buying an expensive camera. So the day ended with something else for my camera.

Sorry, but wtf. I’m a little drunk right now I think. But just a little, maybe little round in my head, and diffuse. Sometimes you think surprisingly clear when the clouds hides the world outside.

Skål! As as we say in Sweden when the glass sing.


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