Work that body

We need to work our bodies. Our bodies needs movement that challenge us on regular basis. At least it’s what I think we need a lot of. Probably a little more and/or harder than we think we need and is enough.

I’m kind of irregular intermittent in my training. Once I was more or less addicted by training and was at the gym or outdoors almost every day for years. Fortunately I found a good concept of balance in this addiction.

Workout addiction can easily become an slowly damaging lifestyle. And I was probably on the edge from time to time.

The Art of body and mind

Nowadays I have slowed down my training amount radically. Still play rough and intensive when into it, but not that often. At some point training can be contra productive. When we get older for example, our bodies recover slower and need more time to rebuild and strengthen us. This means that less is more.

I’m going 51 this year. But I have no problems doing almost same things as when I was 25. Actually I wasn’t doing any workout when I was 25, so I’m actually better.

Speedskating. Fast and smooth, I Löve that feeling

Except for biking or walking a lot I didn’t began to workout more seriously until I was 30. Back then it was inline speedskating (still happens sometimes). But it wasn’t until about 10 years later I began to train really hard, at 40, when I was practicing Shaolin Kung Fu and Sanshou/Sanda, kind of Chinese version of kickboxing. A very nice experience that lasted for about five years.

This kind of martial art form is indeed very demanding and time wasn’t on my side later on, so I felt forced to quit. After a short time out from training I began trail running instead – hundreds of miles for a couple of years. But finally I got bored of just running. I began to climb in the trees, lifting and throwing things I found and other stuff outdoor instead.

Then I got fed up with always getting wet, cold and dirty. Always loads of training clothes in the laundry and even if I had several pair of shoes they never dried up completely in between (it wasn’t always as in the photo up there).

I found myself a gym and got introduced to kettlebells. Then I got involved in boxingclasses (actually based on the real stuff) and soon the rest to be found at a gym. But I never got impressed by the machines. I found them boring and dysfunctional.

I love body weighted workout and free weights (deadlifting is my favourite when it comes to the heavy stuff), and I love high intensity cardio, I like it rough and hard. And I love mixed martial art based training. When it comes to the fighting mode I’m only doing it on fit for fun basis. Heavy bag works ok, but mitts training is definitely more fun, and light sparring when possible (but that happens rarely nowadays).

I always train barefoot or in my fivefingers. I’m addicted to feel full contact with the ground.

For me having fun have always been the most important ingredient in my workout. And I have never followed any schedules in my whole life (except when I was practicing Shaolin Kung Fu).

If you need to have rules to evolve in your training I say stick with that. If not, you don’t need to follow any rules how to be better. You have the information of how intuitively in your mind. Learn how to use your intuition. Children who plays don’t follow any rules of how to be better. They learn how to be better through having fun and just do it.

You can think whatever you want about that. I stand by my experience that it’s definitely possible to become a whole lot better only by aiming on having challenging fun. But of course you need that rough, hardcore fighting kick ass mindset to conquer and achieve higher levels. Doing the same shit won’t do much, but still better than nothing at all.

Physical training just don’t only makes you stronger and feel better and more healthy in general. It also makes you smarter, to think more clearly and learn better. It definitely helps to make you a better photographer, or whatever you like to do. And it makes you look more handsome, both on the outside and inside. It gives you self esteem.

Workout empowers you with life energy.


Killing Time

Dear friend

Why kill time (when you kan kill yourself) – is the title of a song by Cabaret Voltair, from the early eighties.

Heaven and hell is just a touch away.

Two seconds of boring is all that’s needed to grab our mobile, tablet or flip up the screen of our laptop to anaesthetize ourselves.

I’m definitely not better than anybody else in how I behave when I feel bored, or as mostly often, not really bored – more unmotivated to do something. And get bored of don’t having energy to do something. I fight this feeling and cheap blindfolded solution several times every day.

Internet is easy, you can find anything to entertain you with instantly to kill the time with, and quickly find something else as soon you get bored again – in eternity, until you eventually faint.

But what do you get in return worth the time you have killed. I could easily say, not much, almost nothing, but killing time. Like a temporarily suicide caused by information drug addicted overdose.

Are we more happy now than before the internet? Probably not. Do we know more? Maybe some, at the price of more than ever seems to have huge problems with the truth and facts.

Internet and social media is actually a wonderful access to knowledge, boundless connections, discoveries and simplifies a lot of practical things. So don’t get me wrong. Internet is a fantastic resource.

But life is still just as complex and demanding to live as it always have been through the evolution. Life isn’t just a click away. And that’s the problem. We just eat what we get without hesitation. We don’t live in a time of information, we live in a time of information overload. And we have big problem to shut down the system when we need it as most.

Life is slow. Internet is life on speed, morphine and ecstasy. And we want more, gladly even faster. The need of being productive and work effectively (implicitly meant faster) speeds up things even faster and he who have been fastest and have most things when he dies, wins.

Back in reality the feeling of slow and empty makes us bored, nothing happens, not quick enough. Things needed to be done are annoying and in our way for better entertainment. So we either try to ignore it, or doing it as fast as possible to win time.

Real life is full of undone possibilities. The problem is that they need to be done. Internet is served. Real life is a DIY project.

Internet should be a complement to life, not a surrogate.

Next time you get bored, of any reason, and don’t want to do anything. Try to do really nothing. That makes meditation.

Boring is seldom actually boredom. It’s just the anxiety feeling of silence that have become an unknown shadow of yourself that haunts you. Scared of one of the most precious moments in life – silence. Just waiting to be decoded and fulfil you with a deeper meaning of life. And we do the best we can to kill it as soon it appears.

Do you dare to be alone with yourself and nothing in between? That’s close. And even harder than you may think. You will know and feel the presence when it occurs.

Another solution of the problem is to create more to avoid those passive time killing passages of life. But even then we need to learn to deal and take advantage of the sound of silence from time to time. But it’s actually possible to do both at the same time, moving like a wave.


the Streets are served

Time for my weekly street photography walk in the city of Gothenburg again. I think I have started to become addicted. I need to do it to feel satisfied with my weekends.

Still struggle to grow my confidence. slow growing seeds. But suddenly tiny flowers of attitude pops up for a second from time to time and I feel invincible for a very short moment.

I wish it could be a more withstanding condition and a reflex habit to get hooked on a feeling and go with the flow when it occurs. Just shooting like a maniac and finally conquer my self esteem in street photography.

But I am for sure closing in upon strangers far more often and straightforward now than when I began this challenge. Still I’m annoying slow in my startup, waiting for I really don’t know what – perfect conditions?

The conditions was almost perfect today and Gothenburg is a hell of a nice city to do streets photography in, especially days like these. Nothing but myself to blame or complain at. The streets was crowded. So I think I kind of got paralysed by an overdose of humans.

Thinking about it later on. I should use another strategy and aim for nice spots, be more still for longer times, observing more and searching less. But it’s like I’m still on the hunt for good spaces and better conditions. I have collected some by this time now so it’s probably time for me to enjoy those spots more and don’t walk so much. I think I’ve said that before…

Waiting for better conditions is just a stupid strategy. Of course it can be better, but in street photography it is mainly you who are the conditions.

It was in one of those moments, when I was standing still, leaning on a bench, just looking around me, when I saw those two boys and just got an urge of need to ask their mother if I could make a photo of them. They looked very happy, almost proud about it. And that made me very happy too.

It is situations like these that really makes my day when doing street photography. It doesn’t even have to become a good photography of it. Moments like this makes gold in your head and you feel rich.

This is my third actual meeting with strangers when I ask or talk with them. And third time positive reactions. See, people aren’t that scary as you think.

When walking forward situations occurs very fast and often disappears in the same moment you see it. To many distractions and speedy thoughts raving through your head. I’m to slow for this kind of street photography for the moment.

And if, it’s mostly pure luck of timing, and you can’t wait for that to happen all the time. If you’re not have the attitude of a dare devil that just make things happen. Like a Bruce Gilden.

I used to be a painter

My room is loaded with artwork. Canvas and paper everywhere in all sizes. I’m actually out of storage space. Oil is my favourite when it comes to painting, but I like acrylics as well and what i began with. But paint is far from only medium I like to use. Crayons, oil pastels, ink, charcoal, anything.

Today I barely paint or draw at all. That’s a common lifecycle

My passion for drawing and painting have been like a bonfire that burn baby burn, fueled with loads of intensive passion. And suddenly I feel nothing, move on and try to set something else on fire.

Photography have had kind of same lifecycle throughout the years of my life. But never that abrupt in my burnouts. My lust to make photography have always been there by my side even when my passion have been low. It have never left me doing nothing.

I think the reason why photography never fails me is easy to explain. Painting for example, as I prefer and like mostly, is far more demanding in many ways. Painting is based on pure passion and deep intensive dedicated mindset. You travel deep inside yourself and disappear from the world. Paradoxically you are able to both get and give energy in this process. But just a slightly to much passion and it drains your motivation and leaves you exhausted.

That’s whats always happens to me. And I have still not figured out how to keep this in balance to keep going on.

It’s easy to suddenly become empty when you live inside your art. It’s like the canvas and papers sucks your blood out through the brushes and pencils. Intense love is dangerous.

Concealed in it Self


My latest time in this lifecycle was the most crazy intense I ever been involved in. For two years I made more artwork than in my whole life concluded. Not only more. More advanced and bigger than ever too. I’m not surprised that my passion one day would end all of a sudden, again. I really challenged my passion endurance this time.

Only weeks after the end of this era, I started to make plans to revive my photography.

Except the difference between the process and the making of art on a canvas or pieces of paper and photography, I really can’t see anything that differ a painted artwork from the art of photography. Both are a captured moment visualised inside your head. The only difference is that photography mainly occurs outside your head and painting more inside. Otherwise it’s just two different ways to create art.


What I love and like about photography compared to painting is that photography is far more easy and laid back in its nature. The making of photos gives you instant feedback and you can easily move in and out of your mind in the creative process. You can move around physically and mentally and change the scene whenever you want in a snap. Photography offer a much bigger freedom of action.

That’s probably why photography never have been all gone, over and out. Painting art is a far more time consuming process and need a lot more space and freedom around you. In photography life as it is around you is your freedom. And space is only a matter of where to store your files.

Photography is always at hand in a blink of an eye. The only difference is that you can’t make whatever you want. What you see is what you get. But at the same time that’s the exciting challenge that triggers your creativity how to use the reality to make the art of photography.


Off course this is a matter of photographic expression of choice. Today post process manipulation is always a workaround to do almost limitless art creations. And I have made some art this way myself some years ago. Fun, but to much time consumed in front of the computer.

My choice is however to work as minimalistic and simple as possible in the making of photos. And with optical effects you can achieve incredible effects only by tweaking the camera settings and use the natural effects of light and darkness. In the post process – tweaking the contrast, vignette, local darkening or lightening etc. No more advanced than that is needed. I think that’s the most fun, creative and rewarding way to work with my photography.

When painting or drawing things aren’t that easy for me. I’m quite straight forward, but at the same time very complex in my approach. It’s not unusual that my paintings change and transforms into something completely different after a while.

I seldom sketch more then very loose and rough, because I have never been able to follow my sketches very well anyway. Mostly I don’t sketch at all, instead I usually make layers until I begin to find what I’m looking for. The cause is that I usually never see the whole picture of my original ideas of what I want to do. My paintings are usually based on very diffuse and vague fragments that comes alive while I paint, or draw.


the Aeternal Deep of Lavendine

I usually don’t know what I really want, where to go or where the end is.

This is the core of my heart and soul in my painting strategy. Very complex and demanding. Still and for sure a very inspiring and exciting process full of explosive creativity. Unfortunately it easily becomes like a collapsing sun slowly turning into a black hole.

Fortunately I always use to find myself a wormhole to escape into and pops out in another world of creativity to express myself.

To create is therapy, your inner guide and psychologist that makes sense and understanding to life and yourself.

In and Out of My Mind

To see more of my artwork you easily access it through clicking on any image in this post. A click will take you to my flickr account and from there just search for my artwork albums. Unfortunately I haven’t uploaded all of my artwork yet. But almost.

Follow my wife

Sometimes it happens that I follow my wife to the stable to help her. Not as often as I should, it’s actually quite hard workout she’s doing. Not the most fun, but when done it feels good and you have got a nice time of fresh air, happy body and refreshed head. Human bodies are created for work. Hard physical work.

It happens that I even take ride on our horse occasionally. Not as often as I should. That’s even better workout. And fun. But I’m not very good at fine tuned riding, I’m more the rough full speed galloping guy, or terrain riding. Mostly it is our daughter who rides him. And she’s a hell of Icelandic horse equestrian.

But today it only was a visit to look after the horses and take care of things. It’s no secret that I prefer the summertime when being here. During the dark half of the year it’s usually awful raw cold to be here. And pitch black.

Strangely it have it’s own remarkable attraction of being exposed by this cold darkness, and dirty rough work. After it’s over and done. But at this time of the year you definitely feel that spring is on its way after all. It’s not that cold any longer and the sun goes down later for each day that passes by. A nice way to get in touch with the seasons and feel the world.

To bring the camera along makes things even better. It’s my psychologist.

Lately I also have started to play around with colours to break my monochrome habits. It have its own language that differ from black and white. Telling a different story, a different touch. Actually I don’t favour either. I like both. But colour is much harder to find out how I like to use them.

the Awakening and Then

Days like these (free sleep until your head say good morning) you can wake up with ideas like…. Taking stupid photos of your morning routines and write an even more stupid blogpost about it. But fun making a killing time therapy of it.

I work as an assistant nurse at an orthopaedic clinic. But when I eventually meet someone who isn’t familiar with the Swedish term of my occupation, as named in Swedish, I jokingly use to say that I work as under cover nurse (this joke is probably only understandable for swedes, but fun reactions).

My morning routines aren’t the same every day. I work different shifts from day to day so some days are more fast and compact in the mornings, skipping things to later.

My mornings always continue as long as possible in the bed, with lots of coffee, and snus (snuff), that Swedish tobacco stuff you put under your lip. I’m serious addicted to that shit, and the coffee. I get up, pour up my coffee, hit the bed, bake a snus and put it under my lip and turn on my iPad. Three morning addictions, four if you count the bed.

Here I am, as long as possible. Anything is worth the stress to be done in the last second to stay another second. I usually begin with Facebook, more if, but mostly just same shit as yesterday. I really don’t know why. Eventually some look at Instagram. Reading the news to make sure the world mostly is same shit as yesterday. It’s all kind of ritual killing time while waking up to a more workable mindset.

After some five or ten minutes when my head starts to clear up, I eventually find something better worth spending time and fill my head with. Like reading Eric Kim’s blog or take aim on one of his many articles. JTinSeoul is another pleasant place to visit. Anytime of the day off course. Two personalities that inspires me a lot and two of few photographic journals/blogs I read and follow. Be sure to visit if you haven’t.

I really hate to be forced waking up five in the morning. The best wake up is the self wake up. When no bells kick the doors in. That’s the only healthy way to wake up. This fucked up idea of being forced to wake up ridiculous early in the morning to go to work is fuck in stupid.

Going to bed earlier isn’t an option and doesn’t even work for me to cure tiredness in the morning. If I go to sleep earlier it usually ends up in waking up in the middle of the night with insomnia. And even more tired in the morning.

And how fun is it to force you to get in bed way to early anyway. Fuck! My most creative time of the day usually occur late in the evening and at the beginning of the night. I’m really sorry for my f words, but I really need to hit this feeling hard.

Days like today is much nicer, even if I won’t come back home until late in the evening and the day is almost over. But, after all, sometimes crazy early mornings have its advantage. Especially when I have the privilege to work six hour a day, but still payed full-time. Early morning means back home already half past one in the afternoon. So what do I have to complain at.

After bed and coffee I usually pee, but mostly I pee, pour up more coffee and go back to bed agin.

I brush my teeth, maybe wash my face and moister it wth some cream. I have a dry face. I don’t take a shower every morning as many seems to do. But I change my underwear and socks. My clothes follows me for a couple of days or a week. I really don’t understand the idea of new clothes every or other day.

I take a brief look outside and at the thermometer and wonder how it will be today. Probably same shit as yesterday.

I’m never hungry when I wake up. It takes some hours before my hunger begin to crave. I prefer to skip breakfasts and when I begin early I usually eat dinner as breakfast during the morning break at work. I have a little strange eating routines. This is an old trick I came up to some years ago trying to find a way to resist tiredness at the later half of the day – and it works.

What’s in the fridge to bring with me to work. We almost never throw any food here. Always some savings from yesterday or the day before. Or something in the freezer. Otherwise baked beans, noodles or just anything will do in any combination.

Feed the dogs. Change the cat litter. Tidy up, fresh food and water to our Meyer parrot.

Pee and poo walks with the dogs.

Lots of animals means a lot of dirt and hair on the floor. So there’s no way to get away from the need to vacuum clean almost every day. But plug in your ears with music, pump up the volume and it almost gets done by automatic.

Nap. I’m also addicted to naps. I love my naps. I never hesitate to take a nap, even two if possible. But they are short and powerful, often no longer than about 15-20 minutes, 30 minutes as most. This is my power save mode, and I absolutely need them to not sink as a rock in the sea. I have no problems to fall into deep sleep anywhere while taking my naps.

Now it begins to feel boring. To late to get into something, to early to get to work. I hate this in between. So I usually killing time doing ether nothing at all, or do what I do with my iPad when I wake up.

Then it’s time to equip myself and go to work. I have a pink scarf and a pink bike. Otherwise I usually don’t like pink at all.

Akilles and street photography courage

I think I have started to understand some (more) things about me myself and I and street photography. Like, oh my, I have a lot to learn and practice. Like where to walk and begin when you hit the streets. I thought warming up and slowly getting closer in a kind of stealth mode was a good idea. Focusing more on objects and open space where people may “happen” to get caught.

Like when I first started some months ago and was shooting pigeons to feel more comfortable with my camera surrounded in crowds of people.

But not. This strategy doesn’t work anymore. This workaround is definitely only slowing me down and makes me think too much. What I think I need is chock treatment and just start shooting and don’t reflect a shit. I’m too worried about others reaction. Not worried as in worried what they may think about me stealing their face.

My worries are their feelings that I may cause them to feel when I point my camera at them. I don’t want to feel responsible for eventually making other feel uncomfortable. My own mood and comfort I just care less about. I actually think I would handle an upset reaction without big issues. I think I suffer from to much compassion, but not in a logical sense.

So I really need to work on this habit that occupies my mind and instinctively makes me avoid what I’m supposed to do. I mean, whats the meaning of street photography if you instinctively try to avoid the situation. Compassion is basically nothing but a really good quality, but to much only cause problems with yourself and of no practical use, for anyone.

Beginning too safe and gently is a delusion that only feeds and strengthen this behaviour. What I need is the complete opposite, a slightly knockout. Something that makes me stunned and then wakes me up less careful to take the fight.

Fall seven times, rise eight.

This is my first serious and only assignment I hereby need to work at and to conquer. That includes to make loads of shitty photos and don’t care about what I shoot. Just shoot and shut up to get in touch with my photographic ego and behave instinctively instead of hesitating and stop feeling others imaginary feelings.

Today I was really pissed at myself and my inability to achieve anything of interest. For an hour or so I just walked around like a lost fool. Happily I was able to put myself together fairly enough after a while. And enough to actually capture some nice shots that made me satisfied. I’m not welcome home before at least a couple of decent shots.

Even if I know that most people won’t bite, either with their eyes, mouth or probably never physical. I hesitate just because of this vanishing small insignificant role this split second of a lifetime plays. People are interacting with feelings all the time, this is nothing but one of millions of interplay between humans that occurs every day, just by seeing each other.

So shut up and shoot. There’s nothing to be afraid of but yourself (myself – I’m talking to my self here. But feel free to feel the same).

I actually had one accidental full confrontation today. And it ended very nice. A woman that was taking a photo of her dog and both was looking at the phone in between them. Of course I just missed the moment in a blink of an eye. And in that same second she saw me and turned around. It went a photo of that instead. A nice shot in another way. I felt guilty and needed to explain myself, and said that they looked so nice together in this moment that I just had to make a photo of it. But she didn’t knew that I just missed it.

She smiled and just said ok without any trace of unpleasant feelings about that, rather satisfied by my attention. Afterwards I regret that I didn’t asked for permission to make new shot of what I actually wanted to catch. But I just got so pleasantly surprised that I never thought about it. I really needed this opening. So I say thank you destiny for this nice moment.

This also proves the extended quality and deeper meaning and aspects of street photography. That street photography is, or can be so much more than just taking photos of people – the actual meeting. Eye contact, body language, face expressions, comments, questions. What scares you most may actually be what enlighten you most. Probably sometimes more than the making of the photo itself. I need to learn and understand that.

Life is full of possibilities just waiting to be done.

You only live here and now

Free your mind

Be aware, you can die any second. So take care of your life while you live and do what you love, or…

It would probably be a very bad idea if you tried to do what you love all the time to fill this once in a lifetime opportunity. It would probably be a life full of stress, doubts, agony and regrets every day you survive. Addicted to instant satisfaction to survive. Irresponsible trying to hide from every little boring thing that’s uncomfortable to face in life.

Instead, be prepared that you one day will die, or maybe lose everything, your love, friends, the internet connection…
Imagine that this could be your last day on earth, but aim to not, yet.

Try to be where life is happening while you live it. Be humble to life and make it as good as possible every time you breath. Even when things aren’t as good as you wish. Dare to face your feelings and how to conquer adversities without anything but how you think. Become addicted to live with as little as possible to fuel your engine.

Remember that life also belong to the space around you, everybody, anybody, somebody and even nobody. Your life is connected to everything around you (not only to the internet). Everything you do and what you don’t, matter. Treating it bad treats you bad. Treating yourself bad treats everything bad.

Be careful of the impact of your satisfaction, what you wish for and what you are dreaming about, while hunting what you love. But don’t be afraid of it, don’t avoid it. Just be aware of the nature of it.

Dreams are good, dreams are important. You shall have dreams, even big ones almost seemingly impossible or very hard to make true, not ready yet to achieve. But don’t force them to come true or hunt them to make trophies. Addicted to satisfaction, dreaming in panic, feeling that life is running out of time, feeling bored as soon one second feels wasted will soon turn your dreams into an enemy and grow into a monster. Make your days good enough and just try to stay close to your dreams and wishes. Learn to understand and feel what makes good things happen.

Doing what you love, wishes and dreams don’t have to be big. Make them big by staying true to what makes you feel good. It doesn’t have to be fabulous (but when it is be sure to enjoy deeply). And the less that is needed to make difference, the better.

Aim for small simple things in life that makes you feel good and link them together into a fascinating weaveworld. Make meaning to life as it happens. Anything that makes you feel mindful and free is greater than wrestling with wishes and hunting dreams in a maze.

What you need to do is
Don’t   do what you love

Love what you do!

This is absolutely brilliant and life enhancing. Very different in its sentence compared to the “Do what you love” motto. And in my opinion a far more useful way to bring more than just satisfaction into everyday life.

Satisfaction is by nature waves of joy that will change into something different in the same second you touch them. Satisfaction will never be able to fulfil you for a very long time when you achieve them. Sooner or later you want something else, something more. Dreams and wishes are demons and angels in same entity. Impossible to tear apart. Just like light and darkness – one without the other is nothing. What you need is soul to feel fulfilled. Dreams and wishes are fuel, Soul is the sparkle.

Your soul is the only thing that possibly can make you truly satisfied and happy. And what is soul?

Same, same but different for everyone and everything. Even photography.

Sun day Saturday

It is spring somewhere in the air. You can feel it closing in. Still chilly and dull skies still dominates. But when the sun breaks through and the sky turns blue you can feel its presence hugging you.

I took my camera in the strap to the mall, in case of. But as usual it’s little to demanding for my little head both shopping, being a social company and trying to think photography at the same time. So not much happened in the camera lens during this trip. I focused mostly on getting my new iPhone and having some coffee with my wife.

But later, after a short hyper nap back home (I always get very tired after shopping). I went for another walk with my camera looking if there could be something to shoot out there. This time nothing else disturbing my head. And no great mission to find superfluous fabulous targets – just walk away and look and feel the sun and the air.

Nothing I’m unaware of, but I have understood that I probably love shadows, silhouettes and reflections. It’s less or more impossible for me to not fall into this dimensions of life.

Love and Life – Smike;)


Remmen camera straps

A retro designed camera needs a retro camera strap. That’s what I think anyway. So I decided to buy one. The original strap works just good, no problems. But doing its work isn’t enough. There’s a lot of vanity here.

The original strap that comes with Fuji X100T is not bad at all. But as with many straps included in the box, they’re usually have a cheap almost boring feeling. Nothing but vanity – the work just fine. But I actually really don’t like how many of those straps feels against the skin of my neck. Often annoying naughty itching. The original Fuji strap is no exception, unfortunately.

So I went for a hunt for something else to wear and decorate my little jewel with. There’s a lot of options to choose between and in the end you have to fall for one.

I fell for a brand called Remmen (simply meaning “the strap” in swedish). A choice that felt good in many ways. Made by environmental friendly produced leather from Swedish cows. By a small Swedish company.

They also have two other options made of Italian leather in cognac and black, also made by environmental friendly produced leather. Beside that they have fixed length, adjustable, wrist straps, keyring mount and flat mount.

I fell for the natural coloured strap. Not only because optimal locally made. This strap will change and darken through time. That’s the nature of leather and most visible in its natural colour. It will absorb my wear.

And the strap feels wonderful soft against naked skin. Solid but smooth and flexible at the same time. Not cheap, actually quite expensive, but not more expensive than many other brands and definitely worth the money.

The only problem is/was that the keyring that you lock to the strap holders on the camera doesn’t fit the Fuji X100T. The holes are to small, or, the key-rings are to thick. So I had to find some thinner key-rings. Not a problem, just a small tweak. Now it works just great. I choose the fixed length and in my opinion it fits perfect in length. If you want to wear it diagonal around your neck and body you probably need adjustable.

Less is probably more. But sometimes some things are worth the little more extra. I consider this being my exclusive feel good accessory worth the unnecessary luxury.

Find out more about Remmen Camera Straps here >>