Small simple moments of happiness. The less than more, the better it is. In my opinion. The law of least resistance. Like electricity – it always choose the easiest and most effective way to its target. Some people have a more complex roadmap to the laughing centre and need a more sophisticated device to see the fun.

Some, like me or my mother in law, and my wife, my kids and our closest relatives we visited this evening, have a very simple and short way to laughter and all that is required, is nothing more than a fart.

Or as in this case, Snapchat. Which my mother in law experienced for the first time ever this evening. It ended up everybody had a small breakdown and sore cheekbones. Im not that much of a Snapchatter myself. But it’s actually a very simple and easy way to have fun, and I love simple cheep fun. And this evening was really funny.

And lovely. Few things are so satisfying than making or see other people laugh. Have fun, have more fun, and never hold back for the most simple and cheap reason to laugh. Be proud of that the most simple shit is enough to laugh. Humour and easy to laughter is one of the best and most important characteristics to possess for a human being.


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