Tiny small insignificant moments that matters

Ok, this post contains unnecessary many photos of same same but different. Thats the point.

I begin late today. Meaning that I can wake up and do my morning just however I feel to. The advantage of begin work late is not to sleep as long as possible, maybe little longer, but mostly I wake up just some hour or maybe two later than usual, at most.

The advantage is to wake up slow and don’t care about the time. Get some coffee, get back to bed, get some more coffee. Get up to get something to eat, more coffee. Browsing a paper, a book, just thinking, or probably the more usual and common addiction – go social on the smartphone or tablet. I’m usual the thinker and web browsing addicted guy.

Or you may suddenly see something you have seen for the last years but never thought that much more about. I have seen this before and it always makes me get into a meditative mood. The lamp and its shadow over our bed.

It’s a cheap plastic lamp. But I love it’s simplicity and odd low budget luxury charisma. And I have always loved the shadows it makes. Especially when the light from the reading lamp on our bed hits it.

But I have never given it more attention than that. So today I got struck by a creativity mood while watching the shadows in the bed and grabbed my camera for some experimental shots.

Ok, not very exciting maybe, but a good example of that we actually are surrounded by insignificant things like this daily. Just waiting to be discovered. Not necessarily of greater significance to make fantastic shots at the end. But for the thing in itself and exploring the possibilities.


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