I Wander Why

… so I went for a walk, away for a while. And it was because of my camera. It wanted to be used. And I wanted to use it. Lets go.

It’s a common circumstance inside me. Itching in my head and fingers, an unstoppable craving need to be creative. In the past it was painting. Nowadays it’s the revive of photography.

It doesn’t have to be anything specific at all but just do it. Today I had no idea of where to go at all or what to shoot. But I felt for a more laid back trip and to be by myself. No crowded street photo session.

Sometimes it’s more satisfying to aim for a more meditative state close to nothing, like a black hole that sucks light. Like an pupil, like a lens. Just walk and flow, almost unaware of my thoughts and disappear completely for short moments. Freedom. To be found instead of searching.

Most of the shots today weren’t anything I had in mind to visit to shoot. I just walked and saw things that looked at me, as they wanted to be seen, and found me (I’m not stupid, of course I know that it isn’t like that, how much I ever would wish that the world had a parallel mystical dimension where this was a true).

I wonder why, because I understand why I wander.

Have a wonderful day, or night, whatever.



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