Lets talk about the weather, and the Blue Girl

Will there be any weather today? That’s  kind of common question in many parts of the southern half of Sweden during the dark half of the year. Or maybe I invented it by myself (so can it be).

However, it’s a relevant question to reflect upon when you look out and try to grip what kind of weather it is outside the window. Flat and grey cloudy sky, little bit windy, a dancing temperature around 0 degrees Celsius (32 F) – that’s typically no weather in my opinion. And a common circumstance that surrounds your presence. Totally unnoticeable, but at the same time annoying present. Chewing and slowly unnoticeable draining your emotions into the same state of mind as the weather. Until you become one.

On the top of all this – naked trees, dark pines (looks almost black on distant), 50 shades of brown and grey, dirty, sandy, salty streets. And to many f**ing clothes to keep warm. Even if not actually really cold, the moister in the air creeps into your bones and steal the warmth.

So how can you possibly be happy and survive in this heavy shit day after day during late autumn, winter and a short bit into the beginning of spring, until you begin to see fragments of hope, a hope for a great summer – that may never come…

It’s actually quite easy. You just do it. Thats it. What else is there? If the weather would decide what to do with your life we would probably be dead, or not live here at all. The weather always wins, because it won’t change on demand. It will stand by you whatever you think about it and what you do.

If you let the weather decide how to feel. You lose, hard. Don’t even try to control what you can’t control. It will only make you unhappy and angry and hide your motivation and inspiration. Bad and boring temper kills your creativity and ability to see the solutions.

If looking through an another eye – as it is, the weather actually is the most loyal companion you can wish for. It’s always there and you will see it and meet it every day. So, try just to cope and don’t measure the value of its presence – be like the weather. Care and don’t care at the same time – Wu Wei. And remind yourself that it is you who decides how you want to feel, not the weather.

And in a way. It’s just like life in common. How fun would life be if everything was constantly nice and easy without challenges.

Meanwhile, as I sat in the kitchen and had this writing self therapy session before my plan to get on the bus to Gothenburg. The weather suddenly changed. First to a thick fog, and then came the sun from nowhere. One hour later it was a smiling clear blue sky in Gothenburg.

The Blue Girl
As i walked around and around, as usually in the beginning when I’m in the streets. Searching for the right mood to begin. I ran into this beautiful girl with a magical blue hair, and just thought Wow! I just have to take a picture of her. This was my first ever attempt to ask for permission to take a photo. But I don’t remember if she said yes before I took the photo (I really don’t remember what I said either). It felt like a yes cause she started to laugh and could not stop.

Strangely it felt just natural to ask her and not uncomfortable awkward at all. Maybe because my hair also have a quite extreme colour, but red, although hidden under my beanie. But I had to show her my hair colour too after the shot and said thank you. And she continued to laugh. This was a very strange moment that made my day.


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