Mölndal after dark

Mölndal by night. Well evening actually. A late night in Mölndal would not be very exciting when it comes to human presence. The nightlife people here are for the most just passing through on their way to the big sister Gothenburg. Or just hungry and want some food and maybe a beer before they head back home, or on the way before going further to Gothenburg later on.

We actually have some nice places to eat at. Sushi Thai King is probably one of the most popular. Except for eating there is not that much more to do than take a ride with the bus, the tramp or train to Gothenburgh after dark.

But I don’t mourn. I’m not that much for nightlife entertainment anyway. And a trip to Gothenburg is only about 15 minutes away If you want. For me, taking the bike and a walk with the camera is entertainment. And some wine back home while looking through the photos, maybe doing some editing. Or doing some artwork when I’m in that mood (before my photography comeback I mostly used to paint a lot).
If I’m in the mood, as tonight. I may begin working on something to write about on my blog.

I’m still in my training mode when it comes to close encounter with people. And I’m not that safe in myself to feel free to shoot at will. It’s an annoying fear, but I accept the resistance. Resistance is a challenge, and challenges makes you stronger – if you challenge the resistance. Accepting resistance is not necessary the same as not dare to meet it. But trying to understand the mechanism behind and how to conquer it to control it.

So far I just let it bee as it is and try not to blame myself when I’m not capable of taking those shots I would like to. That would only make me feel more shitty than necessary and get me into bad wrong mood and push me further away from what I want.

I’m a slow learner, so I assume I’m slow in establishing habits to. Slow is not bad, if you try to use the time properly. If you become friend with time you will probably understand sooner or later that you will never be satisfied anyway. Until you accept where you are (I’m not sure I understand this myself. It just slipped out of my head).


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