My Photo Equipment

This is what I have and use today

And so far it’s nothing less than more I need. Well, always something I could find nice to have – a new better laptop for example. I have too many old photos on hard drives I would like to go through and work with. But the old cow will probably be able to do the most primary things I need for that – some more time, i hope.

My goal and wish is that my iPad shall be the only workstation I need. That would be a great relief. And I’m going to try to find a way to stay with that idea as far as possible.

My favourite photo editor app so far is without hesitation Snapseed. I have tried some others, but no one have been even close. Fast and smooth. It’s outstanding user friendly and offers all the basic settings you need, and more. And the team behind it keeps on making it even better all the time with new or fine tuned functions. The latest update have also given you control over curves for example. I hope it have come to stay for a long time.

The camera is not much to talk about. Fujifilm X100T is material love. For me, this is my dream camera for the use I have in mind and I can’t see what else is there to need.

I also threw up my cheap “gorillapod” copy look alike tripod on the table. I have an old big heavy tripod somewhere. But I’m not going to use that. If I would need a tripod at all, this works just perfectly fine. I want my equipment to be as small, mobile and simple as possible.

One more thing is missing in the picture – a remote cord, if I would like to do some longer exposures. I have one, somewhere. I like that X100T works with old style mechanical cord.
And thats it.


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