Oh no, Petshots!

This is Shiro and Grima. A Whippet and a crossbreed (mostly Icelandic shepherd dog).

Together - the crossbreed Grima and the whippet Shiro

I was really very uncertain until the very last touch of this post if I actually should make this “yet another pet” post at all. But after all, how many pet posts have I done here?

Dogs and Cats. Mostly a whippet called Shiro and a crossbreed called Grima.  All shot with an iPhone


Dogs and Cats. Mostly a whippet called Shiro and a crossbreed called Grima.  All shot with an iPhone

Our dogs have always been, and will always be, a natural source of inspiration and a reason to pick up the camera. Even if you know that you alreday have houndreds of photos of them. You always see something new, or very special in just this moment, too strong to resist. What really happening is that you actually try to take a photo of your feelings rather than a portrait. That’s why it is so easy to get a growing pile of photos of your beloved pets that never ends. It’s actually photos of love. And just another photo is never one to many in this world.

Dogs and Cats. Mostly a whippet called Shiro and a crossbreed called Grima.  All shot with an iPhone

To much oxygen

Nowdays this behaviour very easily becomes a craving need to share those moments on the social media. We are not alone. And the rest just look straight through that just another pet photo and don’t see what you see. At some point it can easily become a forced hunt for satisfaction and nothing but a giant colllection of same, same but not so vey different. I think it is very important trying to resist this lust to avoid becoming a manic collector.

Or, if you change the “pet” into something else you burn for. In general. To much same, same but different may not be the right way to search what you looking for.

Paw of Grima

Today I try to be much more restrictive when it comes to taking photos and sharing photos of my pets repeatidly. Or anything else of to much of same kind that grows very big too easily. In time it will grow big anyway and will probably be of much more interest. Another way to do it is keep on shooting but avoid saving too much, beeing quite hard to Yourself.

A pillow, nice

Best place on earth

All photos in this post are shot with an smartphone. The perfect camera when that sudden lust to catch the moment occure. Especially when it comes to animals (and kids). Just a second of to much preparation is sometimes enough to break that magic moment. The phone is for the most no further away than in your pocket.

Food for everyone

Shiro and Grima

Don’t bother craving for the wishful need for super quality. That’s definitivly the most less important. Actually, more important I would say. I often like to push the quality limits at free will and I am not ashamed to play with filters from time to time to mess things up. I don’t mean that you should avoid to push for better quality. What I try to say is about developing your skills with what you have and searching for satisfaction through creativity. But when you want and when the circumstances are right (good light for example). You can get quite impressive results with a smartphone.

Grima loves water

We have a cat too, that used to be two – two different cats, not a siamese…
So maybe there will be cats here one day too. And there will be more dogs from time to time. And other cats, and other dogs.

Never to small


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