Damn good coffee

Time to end the Black Coffee project. I think. But the door is not closed. Something may suddenly happen one day that need to belong to the project. Like when I found an older shot from my insta period when I was experimenting a lot with my iPhone. It was long before the coffee project but I instantly felt that it belongs to my coffee collection.

Anyway for now as I now for now, this is the last entry and the last shot is the last and latest. To see the entire series, just click on a shot and you will be thrown away to the Black Coffee album at flickr.

Damn good coffee.


the Red Stone and other colours

I like the idea to take the bus or tramp to a location somewhere that comes in mind and then walk my way back by foot. Or in the other direction. But today it almost went by foot in both directions.

I’m usually not very impatient, but when it comes to waiting for the buss for example. I quickly get very restless and prefer to take a walk in the same direction to the next, or next bus stop, while waiting.

The destiny for today was Röda sten – Red stone. A place in Gothenburg  by the river Göta älv and under the bridge Älvsborgsbron, where an art gallery that also hosts a cafe and a restaurant and other cultural activities is located – with the same name. But the epicentre of the name comes from the Red painted stone about 100 meters west of the gallery building.

The history of the red stone is still unknown and is mentioned in the scrolls back in the year of 1785. But the reason of why or whom painted it red at first is not revealed. There are some theories:

That a Swedish officer was killed during a Danish invasion at the stone and his blood flooded the stone.

That a ship was wrecked in a storm and was saved by tying them to the stone.

That is just have used to be a seamark.

Another theory is that during times of war it was used to anchor a barrier over the river to prevent ships from sailing through. And to mark where the barrier was, it was painted red.

It is also said that the stone served as a border marker between Sweden and Denmark back around the year thousand.

Whatever the stone keeps getting new coats of red paint, and Sweden and Denmark lives in peace since a very long time these days. Every day, mostly swedes, get on to the ferry to Fredriksavn for fun and buy booze at the boarder shop.

As you probably may imagine when you see the Red stone gallery, you will not find any classic art here. It’s a centre of contemporary art and the history of the building when it comes to arty expression have its roots in the subculture and once upon a time used to be more or less an occupied area where restless youths gathered back in the eighties and early nineties, when the building was abandoned.

Before that the building (built in 1940) was a boiler room and was located at the same place as the brewery Carneige who made porter and manufactured sugar. Nowadays the name Röda sten refers more to the gallery of contemporary art housed in the building than the stone itself that first named the area.

The walls that facing away from the river holds Gothenburg’s only legal graffiti wall together with some stand alone walls behind the building. Except being legal and still with a distinct touch of subculture, Röda sten is not that much of subcult nowadays as it used to be, more an established hipster resort.

I was sneaking around for a while and made some shoots, and just was for a while. It’s a relaxed and laid back place with much open space, big views under the giant bridge that sounds like a snoozing monster and a wide open sea to the west where the river ends. There’s a lot of traces of past harbour and industrial culture around here. I’ll be back another day.

At the beginning of this little tour I started black and white. Because, I love black and white nowadays. But what’s the point of visiting a red stone and take picture of it in black and white. The graffiti walls seemed as well like a good choice for colour. And then I decided to go on shooting in colour for the rest of the day.

I mean, why not. It’s good to break the routines and change the view sometimes. Beside that. It’s nice to catch a nice blue sky when you have the chance to see one. It doesn’t happen every day these days of the year.

And yes, we have polar bears in Sweden… as you can see

On my way back I didn’t find much of interest to shoot. Or more likely, my mindset didn’t saw it I think. That’s a big problem with me. I get tired in my head very quickly when I analyse my surroundings, and the more people I have around me the faster I sink. Something to practice on – impression endurance in the information overload conditions. I almost becomes paralysed after a while.

So I went to the simple snapshot mode without thinking very much at all. It’s actually quite fun too, mostly afterward, cause you never know what you really do or get. I often like those simple, sometimes almost empty headed pictures I happen to catch. Often hard for others to understand the point, many times even for me.

Some shitty photos always survive for some reason, and then I tweak them back and forth to see if they have something odd to tell and worth saving, even share, for some strange reason.



Small simple moments of happiness. The less than more, the better it is. In my opinion. The law of least resistance. Like electricity – it always choose the easiest and most effective way to its target. Some people have a more complex roadmap to the laughing centre and need a more sophisticated device to see the fun.

Some, like me or my mother in law, and my wife, my kids and our closest relatives we visited this evening, have a very simple and short way to laughter and all that is required, is nothing more than a fart.

Or as in this case, Snapchat. Which my mother in law experienced for the first time ever this evening. It ended up everybody had a small breakdown and sore cheekbones. Im not that much of a Snapchatter myself. But it’s actually a very simple and easy way to have fun, and I love simple cheep fun. And this evening was really funny.

And lovely. Few things are so satisfying than making or see other people laugh. Have fun, have more fun, and never hold back for the most simple and cheap reason to laugh. Be proud of that the most simple shit is enough to laugh. Humour and easy to laughter is one of the best and most important characteristics to possess for a human being.

Tiny small insignificant moments that matters

Ok, this post contains unnecessary many photos of same same but different. Thats the point.

I begin late today. Meaning that I can wake up and do my morning just however I feel to. The advantage of begin work late is not to sleep as long as possible, maybe little longer, but mostly I wake up just some hour or maybe two later than usual, at most.

The advantage is to wake up slow and don’t care about the time. Get some coffee, get back to bed, get some more coffee. Get up to get something to eat, more coffee. Browsing a paper, a book, just thinking, or probably the more usual and common addiction – go social on the smartphone or tablet. I’m usual the thinker and web browsing addicted guy.

Or you may suddenly see something you have seen for the last years but never thought that much more about. I have seen this before and it always makes me get into a meditative mood. The lamp and its shadow over our bed.

It’s a cheap plastic lamp. But I love it’s simplicity and odd low budget luxury charisma. And I have always loved the shadows it makes. Especially when the light from the reading lamp on our bed hits it.

But I have never given it more attention than that. So today I got struck by a creativity mood while watching the shadows in the bed and grabbed my camera for some experimental shots.

Ok, not very exciting maybe, but a good example of that we actually are surrounded by insignificant things like this daily. Just waiting to be discovered. Not necessarily of greater significance to make fantastic shots at the end. But for the thing in itself and exploring the possibilities.

more Black Coffee

I will never be a poet. But it happens from time to time when words starts popping out from my head that wants to be written. Without any particular reason as I know. It just feels good to get it out from my head. It often starts very random and then I try to put it together into something.

There he is. Without no name. Without a face. Without a memory. There is so many, so who really care. Which is mine. Oh, I forgot I’m nobody. I’m your shadow in the dark. The light in the sun. The face in the window. Where am I going.

Actually almost all of my posts start in similar way. It’s seldom that I have any manuscript ready in my head of what to write about. And then it grows into something.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing it. Writing about everything and nothing. It’s probably more for myself than someone else. Like a tree that wants to grow.

And the Black Coffee project continues with random moments of shots whenever at the round table (ok, and in close range around the round table). Coffee is a good companion when you try to think. And beside that snus. You know, that tobacco stuff from Sweden that you put under your lip.

the moon the tulips and the coffee

I Wander Why

… so I went for a walk, away for a while. And it was because of my camera. It wanted to be used. And I wanted to use it. Lets go.

It’s a common circumstance inside me. Itching in my head and fingers, an unstoppable craving need to be creative. In the past it was painting. Nowadays it’s the revive of photography.

It doesn’t have to be anything specific at all but just do it. Today I had no idea of where to go at all or what to shoot. But I felt for a more laid back trip and to be by myself. No crowded street photo session.

Sometimes it’s more satisfying to aim for a more meditative state close to nothing, like a black hole that sucks light. Like an pupil, like a lens. Just walk and flow, almost unaware of my thoughts and disappear completely for short moments. Freedom. To be found instead of searching.

Most of the shots today weren’t anything I had in mind to visit to shoot. I just walked and saw things that looked at me, as they wanted to be seen, and found me (I’m not stupid, of course I know that it isn’t like that, how much I ever would wish that the world had a parallel mystical dimension where this was a true).

I wonder why, because I understand why I wander.

Have a wonderful day, or night, whatever.


Lets talk about the weather, and the Blue Girl

Will there be any weather today? That’s  kind of common question in many parts of the southern half of Sweden during the dark half of the year. Or maybe I invented it by myself (so can it be).

However, it’s a relevant question to reflect upon when you look out and try to grip what kind of weather it is outside the window. Flat and grey cloudy sky, little bit windy, a dancing temperature around 0 degrees Celsius (32 F) – that’s typically no weather in my opinion. And a common circumstance that surrounds your presence. Totally unnoticeable, but at the same time annoying present. Chewing and slowly unnoticeable draining your emotions into the same state of mind as the weather. Until you become one.

On the top of all this – naked trees, dark pines (looks almost black on distant), 50 shades of brown and grey, dirty, sandy, salty streets. And to many f**ing clothes to keep warm. Even if not actually really cold, the moister in the air creeps into your bones and steal the warmth.

So how can you possibly be happy and survive in this heavy shit day after day during late autumn, winter and a short bit into the beginning of spring, until you begin to see fragments of hope, a hope for a great summer – that may never come…

It’s actually quite easy. You just do it. Thats it. What else is there? If the weather would decide what to do with your life we would probably be dead, or not live here at all. The weather always wins, because it won’t change on demand. It will stand by you whatever you think about it and what you do.

If you let the weather decide how to feel. You lose, hard. Don’t even try to control what you can’t control. It will only make you unhappy and angry and hide your motivation and inspiration. Bad and boring temper kills your creativity and ability to see the solutions.

If looking through an another eye – as it is, the weather actually is the most loyal companion you can wish for. It’s always there and you will see it and meet it every day. So, try just to cope and don’t measure the value of its presence – be like the weather. Care and don’t care at the same time – Wu Wei. And remind yourself that it is you who decides how you want to feel, not the weather.

And in a way. It’s just like life in common. How fun would life be if everything was constantly nice and easy without challenges.

Meanwhile, as I sat in the kitchen and had this writing self therapy session before my plan to get on the bus to Gothenburg. The weather suddenly changed. First to a thick fog, and then came the sun from nowhere. One hour later it was a smiling clear blue sky in Gothenburg.

The Blue Girl
As i walked around and around, as usually in the beginning when I’m in the streets. Searching for the right mood to begin. I ran into this beautiful girl with a magical blue hair, and just thought Wow! I just have to take a picture of her. This was my first ever attempt to ask for permission to take a photo. But I don’t remember if she said yes before I took the photo (I really don’t remember what I said either). It felt like a yes cause she started to laugh and could not stop.

Strangely it felt just natural to ask her and not uncomfortable awkward at all. Maybe because my hair also have a quite extreme colour, but red, although hidden under my beanie. But I had to show her my hair colour too after the shot and said thank you. And she continued to laugh. This was a very strange moment that made my day.

the Black Coffee project is here

Meanwhile the Black Coffee project continues behind the scene.

Black Coffee

Whatever the meaning of this project is meant to be, I will continue post some photos from time to time. Just as I randomly will shoot coffee time moments in the kitchen whenever I get into the mood.

I have not thought about more than it will be about coffee and the kitchen. Except that there will be no limits. Not even time or when it will end. I think I’ll know when I know.

Till then, it’s a coffeeabout


Have it nice ::.. Smike

Mölndal after dark

Mölndal by night. Well evening actually. A late night in Mölndal would not be very exciting when it comes to human presence. The nightlife people here are for the most just passing through on their way to the big sister Gothenburg. Or just hungry and want some food and maybe a beer before they head back home, or on the way before going further to Gothenburg later on.

We actually have some nice places to eat at. Sushi Thai King is probably one of the most popular. Except for eating there is not that much more to do than take a ride with the bus, the tramp or train to Gothenburgh after dark.

But I don’t mourn. I’m not that much for nightlife entertainment anyway. And a trip to Gothenburg is only about 15 minutes away If you want. For me, taking the bike and a walk with the camera is entertainment. And some wine back home while looking through the photos, maybe doing some editing. Or doing some artwork when I’m in that mood (before my photography comeback I mostly used to paint a lot).
If I’m in the mood, as tonight. I may begin working on something to write about on my blog.

I’m still in my training mode when it comes to close encounter with people. And I’m not that safe in myself to feel free to shoot at will. It’s an annoying fear, but I accept the resistance. Resistance is a challenge, and challenges makes you stronger – if you challenge the resistance. Accepting resistance is not necessary the same as not dare to meet it. But trying to understand the mechanism behind and how to conquer it to control it.

So far I just let it bee as it is and try not to blame myself when I’m not capable of taking those shots I would like to. That would only make me feel more shitty than necessary and get me into bad wrong mood and push me further away from what I want.

I’m a slow learner, so I assume I’m slow in establishing habits to. Slow is not bad, if you try to use the time properly. If you become friend with time you will probably understand sooner or later that you will never be satisfied anyway. Until you accept where you are (I’m not sure I understand this myself. It just slipped out of my head).

Black Coffee

Hello my friends!

This is going to be not long. I write to much every time. Sometimes you need to try to get short. It’s good for your health to calm down your thinking.

Black coffee

I love black coffee, just ordinary black coffe. No more, no less but just coffee. I also love to sit in the kitchen. I’m in the kitchen writing right now. With my coffee. Sometimes I have music in my head too.

Black coffee

All of a sudden something came up in my head. For some days I have been taking one or another photo in my kithen doing nothing special, editing photos or blogging. Maybe I shall do some kind of drinking coffe in the kithen project. Collecting different moments and what comes in mind through time and see what happens.

yeah, I’ll do that. Starting today the – the drinking “Black Coffee” in the kitchen project.


Black coffee