Welcome home X100T

So here it is now. My new camera. It was a very long time since I had a “real” camera. I’m actually a bit lost after been far away for a long time from the more high end of digital photography. Not the photography itself and the basic stuff, but the technical part with loads of configurations. Just to get familiar with the structure of menues is a challange of its own. Then knowing, or think what you think what settings to aim for. Today cameras are so intelligent that they need to be tamed before you can cooperate.

I’m not there yet. But I have tried to understand how I may need to do what I want. Or think what I want, I’m not really shure. But finaly I have done my settings and made some “Q” settings ready for action. The rest will come by experience. Right now I’m very curious at the Classic Chrome film simulation mode. And black and white. B/W is my original beginning where it all started in the early eighties. Although colour have been dominating the last 20 years. B/W is what I really love most deep inside my heart. I have plans to revive my black and white eyes.

So far and anyway – this camera feels like bulls eye for me. In time there will come photos from my little Fuji. But there will continue to be a mess of photos from any time and camera in the future in this blog.

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