A former time

Summer, kids and vacation with the family. The perfect time for a relaxed and laid back relation with the camera. It’s easy to get too seriously with the camera around the neck and get a little lost in the aim for perfect pictures. For me it’s important to cut off that behaviur and don’t care to much. That great shot you look for will happen by itself if you just let things flow natural and participate and stop searching. You will probably get loads of mostly not so very great images, but something else that means more. Photos that deliver emotions in its most pure and simple form with much deeper impact than that “perfect, good” picture ever can. I’m talking about those “half crappy” snapshots that dwells in our more private family albums. Thats my personal opinion anyway – don’t understate the power of your not so good familyphotos, and don’t be afraid to lower the prestige (actually, I think that this fits as a good philosophy in general). For others however, they often tend to be totally uninteresting. Life is to important to be taken to seriously.
The photos in this post belong to the category luckyshot moments when things just happend to become unexpectedly good without searching or trying more than just be there. Well, good in my way to see it anyway. This is old photos from vacations in Lysekil, a small town in Bohuslän on the Swedish westcoast, a very nice place to be at in the summer.




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