Ok, and now what?

Just to get on to it.

Some kind of rubbish poppycock to fill the dead space of the beginning. So don’t bother to evaluate  to much about what this is about. First, and last, and always… I want to forgive who ever you are for my not so very good skills in the English language. So please don’t bother comment it. I know and are very sorry that I don’t care if you don’t like my way trying to do it anyway. Some of you will probably have quite fun from time with that – my English. You are welcome 😉

Wrong spellings, missing letters, too many, and grammar failure will occure for shure (I’m good at that in my native spelling too). Strange word order is just how I work and I love to tweak the odinary way out offroad. Sometimes I do wrong on purpose and are very aware about it. But sometimes it will probably go to hell really bad without being aware about it – if so, blame that on Google translate.

Hello. I’m from Sweden and live in a small town edge to edge with the second biggest city in Sweden – Gothenburg. It’s so close that it really doesn’t matter what is what where is what. The town I live in is called Mölndal and is split by a wonderful charming highway, and railway…

I really don’t understand why I got the idea to do this blog in english. It’s just so unnecessarily heavy for my little head to handle. Swedish is so much easier. Why?

Probably because there’s to many people in the world that don’t understand Swedish that I have some kind of strange need to give a chance to understand. Which is something else I really don’t understand why. So to understand myself in all this I just have to do it and see if I can find myself somewhere in this mess. My goal is to collect my work in photography just for the fun in sharing with others,  outside the lonely clouds and closed hard drives.

On the other hand there will not be that much to understand anyway. I will try to be as short as possible for the most of the time with words. Not at least for my own best. I know myself and I have really serious problems to get stuck in complexity if I get in touch to much with my thoughts. Photos creates their own words inside our heads far better than trying to say to much about them. Even if it will say very different things for different people and will sometimes change depending on what mood you are in for the moment.

This blog is going to be dedicated to my eyes through the lens of a camera and the photos that have been time capsuled inside. Both old, older, new and newer, mixed in any order as I feel to, There will be a random collection of styles and I will not put very much time in making any complex structures to arrange the photos. I really hate to poop tags and hunt specific categories in my head. I have tried it so many times before, and it just kills my motivation and lust everytime i try. There will be only as few this and that as possible.

From time to time I may write some other photography related stuff, in one or another way. And last, for youre knowledge – up to date everyday no way, maybe tomorrow.

Have a wonderful life and see you later – Mikael “Smike” Stenström



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