Mölndals Bro and my first walkaround with my Fuji X100T

Yesterday I went out for my first walk around with my X100T to get to know it and get a glimpse of how my settings worked (good choice, today it rains and snow)). No major expectations but whatever than that and nothing more complicated than just a visit around the corner (almost) - Mölndals city, … Continue reading Mölndals Bro and my first walkaround with my Fuji X100T


Fuji in the bath

Some take a bath with their rubber ducks. I take my camera. My first shots with my X100T - it have to start somewhere. I'm not a stranger to use myself as a model. Not very easy all the time, but I have no problems to do what I tell me.    

Welcome home X100T

So here it is now. My new camera. It was a very long time since I had a "real" camera. I'm actually a bit lost after been far away for a long time from the more high end of digital photography. Not the photography itself and the basic stuff, but the technical part with loads … Continue reading Welcome home X100T


A former time

Summer, kids and vacation with the family. The perfect time for a relaxed and laid back relation with the camera. It's easy to get too seriously with the camera around the neck and get a little lost in the aim for perfect pictures. For me it's important to cut off that behaviur and don't care … Continue reading A former time


Freeze the frozen

Moving around solid objects that never move Is another kind of challange to catch. To much freedom of choice may result in lack of imagination. I wanted more than just portrait theese statues. For me they hide more than just being dead stiff statues imprisoned in bronze. Deep inside they hide a secret life. Inside … Continue reading Freeze the frozen


Using a cellphone as a "real" camera

For the past five, seven years, or maybe more. I have been using my iPhones as my camera. I'm very lost in time and usually know more about what has happened than when. A cellphone is of course not so very classy as a more real camera but it's actually both fun and practically - … Continue reading Using a cellphone as a "real" camera


Ok, and now what?

Just to get on to it. Some kind of rubbish poppycock to fill the dead space of the beginning. So don't bother to evaluate  to much about what this is about. First, and last, and always... I want to forgive who ever you are for my not so very good skills in the English language. … Continue reading Ok, and now what?